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Cut-resistant glove 2nd SKIN, black

The 2nd SKIN from MoG (Masters of Gloves) is MoG's most versatile glove and is therefore particularly suitable for the army, police, security services or special operations forces. This tactical glove from MoG actually feels like a second skin due to its slim fit.

Features of the 2nd SKIN cut-resistant glove:

  • The use of thin goatskin and the special construction of the fingers offer maximum dexterity. After you have worn the gloves for a few days, the leather will completely adapt to your hand
  • The leather is liquid-repellent, so that blood, sweat, urine, etc. cannot penetrate the glove
  • The reinforcement of the crotch between the index finger and thumb makes the glove more durable when handling weapons (e.g. when reloading).
  • The special design of the index finger allows perfect control of the weapon and offers extremely high precision when scanning without feeling a seam
  • the 2nd SKIN features a cut protection level 4 in the palm, and the heat-resistant and flame-retardant lining prevents burns
  • Neoprene ankle protection and a short cuff with a recess for watches increase wearing comfort
  • Touchscreen compatible on thumb & index finger
  • These features make the 2nd SKIN glove a perfect solution for handling weapons, body searches or operating communication devices

The 2nd SKIN glove is particularly suitable for:

  • army
  • Special Operations Forces
  • police
  • Security services

Security standards:

The gloves are designed to protect against the risks listed below:

EN ISO 21420:2020

Basic requirements for protective gloves. The dimensions correspond to the dimension range of EN ISO 21420.

EN 388:2019 | 1421C

Protection against physical and mechanical risks

  • Abrasion resistance (level 1 of 4 levels)
  • Cut resistance (level 5 out of 5 levels)
  • Tear strength (level 2 of 4 levels)
  • Puncture resistance (level 1 of 4 levels)
  • Cut protection TDM test EN ISO 13997 (C of level AF)


Store the gloves in their original packaging in a dark, cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight! Lifespan cannot be determined and depends on intended use and storage conditions.


Always clean the gloves according to the washing instructions on the label or in the washing instructions provided.

Size Chart:

The size table is based on the EN420 standard and can help you determine the right size. Use the longest finger or hand width to find the appropriate glove size in the table.

Size Circumference of the palm Length of the hand
7 (S) 180mm 175mm
8 (M) 205mm 185mm
9 (L) 220mm 195mm
10 (XL) 255mm 205mm
11 (XXL) 260mm 210mm
12 (XXXL) 265mm 230mm


MASTERS OF GLOVES was born in Belgium in 2017 from the realization that for many professional users who are exposed to serious threats on a daily basis (physical attacks with cuts and stab wounds, fires, disasters, accidents, etc.), there are inadequate or unsuitable hand protection solutions. Due to many years of experience in the (industrial) PPE sector, MASTERS OF GLOVES knew exactly how urgent and important this issue is. Although there have been well-known manufacturers on the market for decades, it is striking how many customers are dissatisfied with the quality or user comfort. This is exactly where MASTERS OF GLOVES comes into play. The Belgian company today offers a wide range of excellent quality gloves for the military, police, rescue or fire brigade. Among other things, MASTERS OF GLOVES also produces NATO combat gloves.

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