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ASP handcuffs chained

  • Material: aluminum
  • Locking: 1 pawl (Pawl)
  • Link: chain
  • Color: black/yellow (jack)
  • Interchangeable LockSet
  • Key access: on both sides
  • Rounded edges
  • innovative design

Professional handcuffs with key access and locking on both sides.

The ASP handcuffs made of aluminum meet the highest standards and are used by police and security service providers worldwide. In order to continually develop its products, ASP relies on feedback and experience from authorities and police officers around the world who use these handcuffs on a daily basis.

ASP handcuffs are characterized by their good fit, which fits both thick and thin wrists. Unlike many other manufacturers, the ASP handcuffs offer key access on both sides. It is no longer possible to put the handcuffs on the wrong way, because the key access is ALWAYS outside, no matter how the handcuffs come into your hand.

Thanks to the riveting, unscrewing is not possible and maximum protection against break-in is ensured. Thanks to the aluminum, the handcuffs are not only extremely robust, but also very light. The locking bolt highlighted in yellow makes it easy to put on, take off and check. If you turn the key in the unlocking direction, the lock is first released and then the restraint is unlocked.

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